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The taxi cab experience.

It's Friday night, you're tired, and at a hotel in a town you don't know too well. So you walk out the door and hail a cab. Upon entering the vehicle, you notice the taxi is filthy, the driver doesn't seem to speak english and your pretty sure he's taking you for a scenic trip to your destination. Upon arrival, you hurriedly pay him the ridiculous charge he wants and hop out realizing only after he pulls away that you've left your phone. Several attempts to get it back you give up and go buy a new one, making your experience a bit unpleasant, and certainly not as you wanted.  
We have all had this experience, if we've used traditional taxi's, this is the reason that they get such poor reviews. From the dispatchers down the taxi industry takes pride in the ruthless treatment of it's customers. Well that was then....
Central States Dispatch is designed a little bit different then the traditional taxi model. We are not reinventing the wheel,  we strive to make the wheel a lot more efficient.  An old Ford tire vs. a Bentley Continental tire. We hold our owners to a more professional standard, so that our customers are not disturbed. Our owners are required to maintain a level of standards that carries us and them, assuring exemplary policies of their drivers. We take complaints seriously, we don't just say we do. Customer service is what we are built on, and continue so. Logistics in a reasonable, timely, and certainly courteous manner will always be the foremost standard. We want to be able to prove better.  Thank you